Internal API

Internal API

drop_InternalAPI_7.24.082.1 (Nov 2024)

  1. Build refreshed.
  2. D

drop_InternalAPI_7.24.025.1 (Jan 2024)

  1. Build refreshed.

drop_InternalAPI_7.23.321.1 (Nov 2023)

  1. Build refreshed. 

drop_InternalAPI_7.23.276.1 (Sept 2023) 

  1. Build refreshed. 

drop_InternalAPI_7.23.241.1 (Aug 2023) 

  1. [9996] Tag outbound message with origin value. The origin value will appear in message viewer. 

drop_InternalAPI_7.23.146.1 (May 2023)

  1. [9792] AD Sync: Read users belong to a nested security group. 

drop_InternalAPI_7.23.062.1 (Mar 2023) 

  1. [9739] Fixed: Unable to read all users from AD due to user status returned from AD. 

drop_InternalAPI_7.23.062.1 (Feb 2023) 

  1. Additional DB migration added to compliment Feb23 web release.
  2. Build refreshed.  

drop_InternalAPI_7.22.327.1 (Nov 2022) 

  1. Add additional logging when processing oauth token.
  2. Improve on user config retrieval.  
  3. Build refreshed.  


drop_InternalAPI_7.22.276.1 (Sept 2022) 

  • [9286] Fixed “Error 500” when request for oauth token multiple times. 

  • Build refreshed  



drop_InternalAPI_7.22.245.1 (Aug 2022) 

  • [9286] Fixed “Error 500” when request for oauth token multiple times. 


drop_InternalAPI_7.22.084.2 (Jul 2022) 

  • [9165] Fixed HTTP notification not sending when HTTP header value is not available.  

drop_InternalAPI_7.22.084.1 (Jun 2022) 

  • [9065] HTTP notification will take in new custom headers from delivery template.  

  • [9123] HTTP notification will not upload file when filename is not provided in delivery template. 

  • [9065] Remote “rpt” extension from HTTP report file. The extension was set as a static value from ev5.  

  • [9065] Fixed: HTTP message stuck in queue. The queue does not process when dispatcher starts.  


drop_InternalAPI_7.22.084.1 (Mar 2022 - Final) 

  • [8777, 8778, 8779, 8780, 8824] New feature: Access right management for admin panel.  

  • [8686] Parse value returned to the file path. This allows the token to retain the backward slash to generate folder. Only token value from tracking with backward slash to replace with underscore. 

  • [8912] Fixed purge process returning error when retrieving items to purge.  

  • Reduce CPU % use when exception occur due to SQL connect error.  

  • Reduce CPU % when FaxAgent switch to remote board and spamming the API.  


drop_InternalAPI_7.22.038.1 (Jan 2022 - Final) 

  • [8686] File notification to parse the file path and replace reserved file path characters with underscore.  

  • [8738] Remove deprecated dependencies.  

  • [8719] Bug. Fixed sync timestamp not updated after sync process complete.  

  • [8735] Add border text capability to outbound faxing.  

  • FIXED: TIF to PDF conversion for all notification deliveries.  

  • [8775] Update log4net component. Update log configuration.  



drop_InternalAPI_7.21.294.1 (Oct 2021 - Final) 

  • [8685] Purge will cover all purge profiles, even when the purge returns empty records.   


drop_InternalAPI_7.21.279.1 (Sept 2021 - Final) 

  • Service files refreshed.  



drop_InternalAPI_7.21.173.1 (June 2021 - Final) 

  • Service files refreshed.  

  • Additional config key value pair introduced. [accountlockmaxtries] and [accountlockmax:minutes] 


drop_InternalAPI_7.21.148.1 (May 2021 - Final) 

  • [8317] File notification in delivery template will ignore empty file path value. Empty value = no generate file. 


drop_InternalAPI_7.21.139.2 (May 2021) 

  • [8297] Fixed AD sync not deleting user.  


drop_InternalAPI_7.21.126.1 (May 2021) 

  • [16563] Improve in JSON handling when deserialization response. 

  • Auto limit token expiration value to max integer value.  

  • [16491] New config introduced. Account lock ref value.  


drop_InternalAPI_7.21.088.1 (Mar 2021) 

  • [8081] New endpoints for message reset for stuck in rendering status.  


drop_InternalAPI_7.20.296.1 (Dec 2020) 

  • Refresh build. 

  • [6501] Add temp storage to xdoc. Support UNC storage path.  

  • [7535] Offset UTC to sender’s timezone value in fax header. Applicable to EtherFax only. Support daylight time saving.  

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