IP Printer

IP Printer


IP Fax Prinder v2.1.5
  1. Fixed SSO with Cisco DUO service unable to display MFA screen.


IP Fax Printer v.2.1.4
  1. Fixed: Error generated when sending fax from the client due to some request submit multiple times. 
  2. Refresh Actmask print driver
  3. Refresh WebPrint.exe app
  4. Relocate config.json from AppData\%User%\ to install directory
  5. Set permission to install directory. This allow user to set configuration with proper permission to the folder
  6. Sticky SSO login. This only applicable to Azure AD login, provided the user allow when ask during first time login. 


IP Fax Printer v.2.1.3
- Application config file config.json moved from AppData to install directory.
- Logging capability added. Refer to this article on how to enable it. 
- Fixed certificate validation exception in Citrix terminal (thin client)


IP Fax Printer v2.1.2
- Refresh Actmask printer driver
- Refresh system tray exe
- Support msiexec deployment via GPO


IP Fax Printer v2.1.1
- Fixed missing registry in multiple user environment

IP Fax Printer v2.1.0

- MSI signed installer
- Does not support terminal server (coming soon)
- Does not support AD deployment (coming soon)

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