drop_FaxCore.Report.Api_7.24.082.1 (Mac 2024) 

  1. Build refreshed

drop_FaxCore.Report.Api_7.24.025.1 (Jan 2024) 

  1. [8944] Fixed missing billingcode2 field when creating temp table. This is affecting domain fax usage report not able to display the specific column data

drop_FaxCore.Report.Api_7.23.305.1 (Nov 2023) 

  1. Build refreshed

drop_FaxCore.Report.Api_7.23.276.1 (Sept 2023) 

  1. Build refreshed 

drop_FaxCore.Report.Api_7.23.181.1 (Aug 2023) 

  1. [9889] Remove Total By Barcode report from the report menu. Deprecated. 

drop_FaxCore.Report.Api_7.23.146.1 (May 2023)

  1. Build refreshed. 

drop_FaxCore.Report.Api_7.23.047.4 (Feb 2023) 

  1. ‚Äč[9670] Add Desc column Domain Fax Usage Report **

drop_FaxCore.Report.Api_7.22.319.1 (Nov 2022) 

  • [9491] Add DomainID and ParentDomainID in Domain Fax Usage Report 


drop_FaxCore.Report.Api_7.22.276.1 (Sept 2022) 

  • [9336] Add new status column in Default by Owner Report 


drop_FaxCore.Report.Api_7.22.245.1 (Aug 2022) 

  • [8944] Replace anonymous with username value when display name is not available. 


drop_FaxCore.Report.Api_7.22.080.1 (Mar 2022) 

  • [8944] Retry update fax history when hit 1205 deadlock exception. This applies to multiple servers deployment only.  


drop_FaxCore.Report.Api_7.21.132.3 (May 2021) 

  • [8174] Add in sub domain options to report output. All reports in Admin panel will support sub domain filter, where applicable. 

  • [8267] Fixed fax history not population due to incorrect value in xIsArchived column. 

  • [7371] Improve report archiving process and suppress exception log due to invalid country code in fax dial string.  


drop_FaxCore.Report.Api_7.21.098.2 (Mar 2021) 

  • [8174] Add in sub domain options to report output. Initial version.  


drop_FaxCore.Report.Api_7.20.317.1 (Dec 2020) 

  • [7372] Fixed report not showing inbound traffic.  

  • [6254] Add fax history archiver scheduler.  

  • [2540] Fixed report typo in header text, replace No to Msg # in header title 

  • [6248] Remove duplicate domain fax JSON data in domain fax report.  

  • [6246] Adjust date filter style.   

  • [6247] Add domain fax report 

  • [6246] Add domain fax usage report. 

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