drop_SMTPGateway_7.24.082.1 (Mac2024) 

  1. [10257] Fixed name value does not appear in cover page when recipient address format is fax/name/ 

drop_SMTPGateway_7.24.025.1 (Jan2024) 

  1. Build refreshed. 

drop_SMTPGateway_7.23.250.1 (Sept 2023) 

  1. [9384] Update encryption algorithm. 

drop_SMTPGateway_7.23.233.1 (Aug2023) 

  1. [10032] Improve email recipient capture from email header.
  2. [9996] Add tag to the outbound message origion from SMTPGateway. 

drop_SMTPGateway_7.23.146.1 (May2023) 

  1. Build refreshed.  

drop_SMTPGateway_7.22.312.1 (Nov 2022) 

  1. [9476] Fixed email recipients collections. Collect all emails instead of first one from header.  
  2. Build and version refresh. 


drop_SMTPGateway_7.22.245.1 (Sept 2022) 

  • Build and version refresh. 


drop_SMTPGateway_7.22.223.1 (Aug 2022) 

  • Build and version refresh. 


drop_SMTPGateway_7.22.133.1 (Jun 2022) 

  • [9079] Fixed: File watcher and timer do not enable after token refreshed. The SMTPGateway stopped working after token expired.  



drop_SMTPGateway_7.22.082.1 (Mar 2022) 

  • [7380] Add retry policy when request for authorization token. Interval set to 30 seconds.  

  • Update config to set logging output to fixed file size and file count.  


drop_SMTPGateway_7.21.347.1 (Jan 2022) 

  • [8775] Update log4net component. Remove deprecated dependencies.  

  • Refresh internal dependencies.  


drop_SMTPGateway_7.21.279.1 (Sept 2021) 

  • Refresh internal dependencies. 


drop_SMTPGateway_7.21.221.1 (Aug 2021) 

  • [8563] Collect email recipients from x-receiver header instead of TO in MIME. Recipient name will be disabled.  


drop_SMTPGateway_7.21.125.1 (May 2021) 

  • [16563] Improve in JSON handling when deserialization response. 


drop_SMTPGateway_7.21.098.1 (Mar 2021) 

  • [8219] Include email attachments set as inline when generating from Unix based systems. 

  • [8163] Add backup processor to pick up idle EML files. 

  • [8114] Prevent sending null note value to API. Cover page note content prioritize to TEXT content, follow by HTML.  

drop_SMTPGateway_7.20.296.1 (Dec 2020) 

  • [7381] Improve secure token renewal 

  • [6576] Update API client 

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